Artspeaks-Hamilton Walls

Art should not intimidate. Art should initiate. It is the artist’s aspiration to invite, perhaps invoke the viewer. The five pieces, or pentaptych, I have created are an endeavor to appeal to children and the child in all of us. Using the style and vibrant color schemes inspired by Peter Max, I chose sculptures and landmarks throughout Hamilton. I reduced images to areas of lively color, while keeping a whimsical innocent style to the paintings. I wanted to take the viewer on a visual journey. Every time the viewer passes the large paintings, he or she will notice something different, something recognizable, but not deliberate. Whether beheld individually, or as a polyptych; the viewer will be transported into a dazzling, lyrical visual voyage of Hamilton; a city whose artistic rebirth has drawn critical acclaim from the art world.
Viewing the five panels from left to right, we see a man stepping through a doorway into a magical city. He is immediately transformed from the observer to a part of the artwork. The viewer may recognize the abstracted downtown skyline, which serves as a backdrop to the man on his quest for artistic voyage. The journey takes us by some familiar friends and some new ones. The appeal of art is truly individual. While some may be drawn organic cut-out representation of man, it is bronze figures of a hero which attracts another. In the far left piece, the viewer sees the multicolored silhouette of the “The American Cape,” a sculpture of our city’s namesake, Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton is a city rich in tradition. It is a city, which is quickly becoming a cultural and artistic mecca. Hamilton is a destination for great art, music, festivals, shopping, dining… Hamilton is about where we have been, who we are and where we are going. It was my inspiration to convey to the community and visitors that Hamilton is a city which inspires, thrives, creates and welcomes all who step into her boundaries.